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Angry Birds Christmas Advent Calendar with 24 surprises. Includes bricks to build, a launcher, eight figures and Christmas-themed items from Angry Birds Seasons.

Cards Against Humanity: Toys & Games

The new iDiscover App Activity Table from VTech is everything a play table could need and more. By using an iPad or tablet in the centre of the table it makes it much more interactive and educational than a regular activity table. The table also has a protective screen to cover the tablet.

Remote controlled cars, helicopters and planes have long been the province of boys and men. They were designed to look manly and perform to the extreme and finding girls interested in the area was something of a rarity.

My Little Pony has been a hugely popular series since the 1980s. In recent days, the series has picked up a whole new crop of followers and fans of all ages. The show features a varied cast of unique, adorable ponies, one of whom is Twilight Sparkle.

The show Sesame Street and its furry characters have always been a firm favorite of children and adults alike. With many characters having been made into toys, the ever popular Elmo is given new upgrades each and every year to cope with this demand.

Choo choo! Let your little ones roll the Ernie Farm Train around the entire neighborhood for a fun experience! He/she is undoubtedly going to love playing with this train. Hasbro Inc. has introduced new toys starring children’s favorite Sesame Street characters

Kids have long been huge fans of activity games – that is, games that operate outside the traditional board game style and have completely unique game play devices, like Janga, for instance. At the same time, all kids love balloons but what many of them love even more is popping balloons.